O P A L  a r t i s t  g r o u p


The artist group OPAL was formed in 2011 on the basis of a long-standing
collaboration between Johannes Keller and Hans-Christian Neumann.
Together with Daniel Reimer, they founded an artist group to work on concrete and
constructivist art in painting and sculpture.
Their basic format is the square. The artworks – paintings, reliefs and sculptures – are
developed in a collaborative process. Thus, each piece has three authors.
As a special feature, they developed series consisting of multilayered panels.
Viewers are invited to discover the continually changing systems within these series.
The name OPAL is based on a quote from Lessing’s „Nathan the Wise”:


„The stone was an opal, which shed a hundred lovely colours...”



J o h a n n e s  K e l l e r


Born in Hungary in 1936, Abitur and apprenticeship as a typographer,
studied at the HGB (Academy of Visual Arts) Leipzig in the class of Prof. Egon Pruggmayer.
Worked as a freelance painter, object artist and typographer,
member of the VBK (Artists’ Association of the GDR).
Since 1978, collaboration with Prof. Hans-Christian Neumann,
development of new techniques in painting behind glass.
Exhibitions in Leipzig, Halle, Dresden, Berlin, Cottbus, Gera, Ahrenshoop, Wernigerode.
Since 1989, some of his works have been acquired for the art collection of the Sparkasse Leipzig.
Several exhibitions at the Kunsthalle der Sparkasse. Long-term projects and designs
in the areas of concrete and constructivist art, particularly serial processes in painting and sculpture.



H a n s - C h r i s t i a n  N e u m a n n


Born in Silesia in 1943, studied acting, then philology and German,

taught at acting schools in Berlin and Leipzig. Appointed professor and

head of the acting department at the University of Music and Drama Leipzig in 1992.

Since 1978 artist training and collaboration with Johannes Keller, painting behind glass.

Specialised in the area of concrete and contructivist art, exhibitions in Leipzig and Riegel.



D a n i e l  R e i m e r


Born 1984 in Grimma.
Trained as an environmental technology assistant.
Vocational baccalaureate in artistic design at the Gutenbergschule in Leipzig.
Psychology studies (B.Sc.) at the FernUniversität in Hagen.
Since 2011 member of the OPAL artist group, working on concrete and constructivist art

in collaboration with Johannes Keller and Hans-Christian Neumann.




The series consist of several wall reliefs, connected with one another in a logical manner

in the sense of an ongoing process. The viewer is invited to discover the system

behind each individual series. Viewed from the sight, the various layers of paint can be seen.



Visual poetry / concrete poetry


2017 B - variations

In 2017, the letter B is portrayed in standard A4 format. The special charm

lies in the wealth of variations. Several examples are shown here.



The word MONTAG (Monday) is shown in large painted images, typographically constructed.


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